Some Thoughts on Louvre Size

If you’ve decided that plantation shutters are what you want for your window coverings and have decided on a colour, then there is just the choice of louvre size to consider.

There are four different louvre sizes to choose from:

  • 47mm  (Small)
  • 63mm  (Medium)
  • 76mm  (Large)
  • 89mm (Very large)

Each one can look great in its own setting and there are no hard and fast rules for which one you should choose.  Very often the size of the panel you’ve chosen will dictate the best size of louvre you should opt for.

Small Louvre Shutters

The small 47mm louvres are not as popular as they were several years ago when the emphasis was on narrower panels and smaller louvres.  The main thing to bear in mind is that as the louvres are narrower, there are more of them on each panel.  So the smaller blades do tend to reduce the light and view through the shutters.  This causes the viewer to focus more on the actual shutters than what is outside them.  (Likewise your outdoor view will be more obstructed with these).  One advantage of 47mm is that no clearance is required between the back of the louvre and the frame and is ideal if you do not have a deep recess.

Medium Louvre Shutters

As most customers tend to leave their shutters closed and only adjust the louvres to the let the light in, it’s probably better to go for a larger size.

The most popular size is the medium 63mm louvre as it suits most windows.  It lets enough light in and gives you a nice view through the shutters.  They are ideal if you want to hide an ugly view or if you want to darken a room that gets too bright.  The 63mm blades do not protrude past the rear edge of the standard shutter frames and are ideal for most situations.

Large Louvred Plantation Shutters

If you have a lovely view and want to maximise the light into your home, then  76mm louvres are the best choice for you.  Larger louvres mean that fewer are needed to cover the window and there will be more space between them when they are open.  With large louvres, the outdoor view is less obstructed and your eye is naturally drawn to the outside rather than focusing on the shutters.  Large louvres do however protrude past the back edge of a standard shutter frame so a slightly larger frame is sometimes needed to ensure the blades do not hit the window handles.

Large louvres suit large windows with wide single shutter panels rather than smaller bi-folded panels.

The larger 89mm louvre is not used in many sitautions as it can be a little dominant if used in the wrong settings.  It is best kept for large rooms with large openings like floor to ceiling windows.

Whilst choosing the right louvre shutter blade size for your windows is important, do remember that the beauty of plantation shutters stands on its own, regardless of what is outside the window.

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