Bathroom Shutters

It can be difficult to find a suitable window treatment for bathroom windows.  Cloth coverings such as curtains or roman blinds can quickly deteriorate with the constant humidity.  Fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool and velvet can get covered in mildew whilst untreated and wood can easily discolour or warp.  So how do you maintain the privacy of your bathroom without having to constantly replace your window treatments?

A popular solution is to use plantation shutters as the range includes shutters that have been specifically designed for bathrooms, shower rooms and wetrooms.   It includes those that are just water resistant as well as others that are 100% waterproof.  This makes them ideal for high humidity areas whilst giving a stylish yet exceptionally practical solution to what is often a difficult window to dress.  The shutters looks almost identical to the traditional wood shutters but have the practicality of plastic.  They are made of a durable ABS plastic which has an attractive appearance and which is also easy to maintain.

In addition to having water proof louvres, they also have rust proof stainless steel hinges and plastic base plates so you can rest assured that everything about your window coverings has been designed with water resistance in mind.

Bathroom shutters also provide a great balance between privacy and airflow.  You can open the window and adjust the shutters to allow air to circulate while maintaining privacy.  Bathroom shutters can easily be fitted to any window and also be designed to match other window treatments or other shutters in your house.

Shutters can be a perfect choice for bathrooms.  What’s more, they come with a three year warranty.

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