Shutter Popularity is Still Growing

In many parts of London it seems that every house now has wooden plantation shutters.  As with other trends, when a look is de rigueur in London, it quickly spreads everywhere else.  Sales of plantation shutters in some areas have doubled in a year and with fully fitted prices starting at £220 per m2, it is perhaps surprising when we are supposed to be in a recession.

Perhaps the reasons why shutters are so popular are because they are attractive to someone looking in as much as someone looking out.  Whereas the patterns on curtains and blinds can only be seen from the inside, shutters look great from both the inside and outside.  In fact shutters can create a really upmarket well-kept look where multiple houses in the same street have them.

Shutters are also functional as well as stylish and allow control of light, shade, heat and privacy.  They are available in different materials and they come in a large range of louvre sizes and colours.  As every home is individual, all shutters are individually designed and custom made.  They offer a versatility that is simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

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