Why Shutters are an Elegant and Stylish Solution for your Windows

Window shutters can be an elegant and stylish solution to dressing the windows in your home.  They offer a great alternative to venetian blinds or curtains and will look stunning in any room with their sleek minimalist lines.

The growing popularity of shutters is attributable to their super-stylish and contemporary nature, which offers a great alternative to curtains.

What’s more, they allow you to control light, enhance the privacy of your home and are a versatile feature that can fit around any window.  They can create a focal point to your room or blend seamlessly in with your room interior.

Shutters are also child friendly as they are controlled by a vertical rod which attaches to the louvres meaning no cords or chains are required.  Cords and strings can be a hazard if you have small children and pets.

Shutters come in a range of colours and styles and are available in café style, full length or tier-on-tier.

Café Style Shutters

Café style shutters cover only the lower part of your windows.

Full Length Shutters

Full length shutters are available with a horizontal midrail across the middle, allowing you to control the upper and lower louvres separately.  This gives more flexibility but you can also have one full length shutter without a miodrail,  allowing you control of the full length of the shutter in one movement.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Tier-on-Tier shutters (also known as double hung shutters) are designed to allow you to open the top section of shutter panels independently from the lower section of shutter panels.

Whichever style you decide on, shutters will open an exciting new dimension to the interior design of any living space.  What’s more, shutters provide heat insulation during the winter months and create a timeless style and appeal admired by many.

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