Do shutters provide insulation?

Louvered interior plantation shutters are a very effective protection from the weather.  Their insulating property encourages heat retention during colder months as the panels provide a solid barrier when the louvres are closed.  Air is trapped between the window pane and room and this barrier helps to limit any draughts.

During the summer months they can also help to reduce the temperature by allowing air to circulate freely through the louvres as well as directing light away from furniture to further minimise the warmth of sunlight on the interior.  Unlike curtains, the louvers will still allow light into the room even when partially closed, so even on hot days when you don’t want bright light shining directly onto computer or TV screen, you can still have light in the room.  Shutters also behave differently to curtains or venetian blinds as there is nothing to blow around into your room to knock ornaments or decorations over.

So shutters do provide the additional benefit of acting as a heat buffer during the summer, whilst providing insulation during the winter.

For more information, please refer to the earlier post Shutters and curtains ‘act’ as double glazing

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