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Interior Window Shutter FAQ

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are louvred panels traditionally made from broad slats of wood mounted in a solid frame. The design of plantation shutters promotes the free flow of air whilst also creating shade to keep the interior of the room cool.

The basic design of the plantation shutter has been used since at least the Middle Ages.  Originally, plantation shutters were installed in rooms which had window spaces, but no glass.  In rainy weather the shutters could be closed, while in warm weather they could be opened for fresh air and ventilation.  When European colonists reached the Caribbean and American South, they realised that the design was ideally suited to these climates.  Many old plantation homes have these distinctive interior shutters and it explains why people call them “plantation shutters”.

What are solid wood shutters?

These are solid panels that have no louvres.  From the eighteenth century and up to the Victorian period, sash windows were invariably fitted with interior solid shutters, panelled to match adjacent mouldings and installed in recessed shutter boxes.  These were either at right angles to the window opening or splayed to maximise the amount of light entering the room when the shutters were open.

The design of our solid shutters is similar to our louvre shutters.  However they are not generally suitable as direct replacements for original solid shutters utilising recessed shutter boxes and should always be fitted as a complete set.  This is because old and new styles are slightly different and it is almost impossible to match the colour using modern factory processes.

Can shutters be installed on any window?

Shutters can be installed on most windows, French doors or patio sliding doors.  They can also be fitted on tracks and used as room dividers.

Will you price match any other quotes?

We believe our shutter prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK. There are many national companies offering discount shutters with amazing offers. However we don’t have seasonal Sales or special offers because we believe we already offer the best prices even if we don't advertise ourselves as a discount supplier.

So you can buy shutters from The Shutter Gallery confident that our shutters are priced competitively. However we're also realistic and know that other shutter companies make special offers and discounts. So if you’ve been offered a better price for equivalent shutters, we're happy to match your written quote.

How many shutter panels do I need in my window opening?

The window will normally dictate the ideal number of panels.  If the window is split into two halves, you would either have two or four panels and it follows that if there are three panes then three or six panels will work best.  The vertical glazing bars on the windows will also help you with the positioning of the vertical stiles of the shutters.

Do shutters provide full blackout and be used in a bedroom?

Shutters are generally not considered as full blackout due to tolerances required for louvre movement and the opening and closing of panels.  The amount of light leakage will also depend on the type of installation.  If hinged within a frame, the shutters will provide virtually full blackout and if they are on a track system there will be some light seepage along the top where the shutters meet the track and along the bottom where the shutters meet the floor.  Our shutters feature a rabbet (half lap) stile that offers excellent privacy and blocks out light between the hinged panels.

What colours and stains are available?

Please refer to the colours section for a full list of colours and stains that are available for each shutter range.

Are shutters available in customised colours?

Yes our shutters are available in any custom mixed paint or stain colour of your choice but for an additional charge.  You need only provide a colour sample for matching purposes.

What louvre size should I choose?

When making your louvre choice, you should consider the size of the window and your desired effect. Generally larger windows look better with a larger louvre size.  If you have Georgian style windows with small window panes they tend to look better with larger louvre sizes as  the windows can look very busy otherwise.  In the USA, most shutters are made with 89mm louvres but here in the UK we tend to choose smaller louvres such as 63mm or 76mm

I have very wide windows. Are they too wide to support the weight of the shutters?

A track system can be installed for the shutters to run along and which supports the weight of the shutters.

Can the louvres be automated?

Yes, with our Perfect Tilt system louvres can be operated with a remote control.  Motors can be driven either by battery only or solar charged rechargeable battery system.

Are shutters easy to maintain?

Shutters are easy to keep clean using a feather duster or damp sponge/soft cloth for any sticky marks.

How do I measure my windows and doors?

For a quick quote simply measure the width and height of the opening.  For DIY self measure and install, we offer a 20% discount.  Please contact us for further details.

The slats/louvres on my shutters do not hold their position, do they need replacing?

If the louvres on your shutters are not holding their position it is very simply to rectify.  There is a tension screw on the side of each shutter style in a small hole.  Simply tighten the screw gently using a screwdriver and this will adjust the tension on the louvres.

Do you offer an on-site measuring and installation services?

Yes, please contact us for a no obligation survey.

Can I fit the shutters myself?

The actual fitting of the shutters is fairly straightforward.  All our shutters are supplied ready hinged for easy, clip-together assembly and fitting.  The panels simply slot into position with pre drilled holes, drop-in hinge-pins and magnets already fitted

How long from order will it take to get my shutters?

Shutters are custom manufactured to fit individual window apertures in your home and are ready for installation in eight to ten weeksweeks from the date of the order and receipt of the deposit.  If you need them more quickly then air freight is offered at extra charge.

Can you help give me design advice for my shutters?

Please refer to the design ideas section of our website or you can call us to discuss any specific issues related to your shutter order.  You can even email us photos of your windows and we can get back toy you with some design ideas for your shutters.

Will the shutters warp, shrink, change colour or age over time?

As wood is a natural product, shutters may do all the above.  However our shutters all have a no quibble three year guarantee.  We use premium timber which is hand selected and dried using specialist equipment which emulates the environmental conditions of the location where the shutters will be installed which reduces pre installation shrinking and swelling.

Our shutters have reinforced, engineered stiles with multiple layers of wood bonded together to achieve maximum stability in the core of the stile and ensure a robust and durable shutter.

Where are they made?

They are made in Southern China about two hour's drive from Hong Kong by car.  The factory uses very sophisticated and expensive computers and machinery to manufacture shutters and have invested tens of millions of US dollars to make our products as good as they are.