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Window shutters to enhance any room

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Interior window shutters

The Shutter Gallery

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Shutters to suit any modern decor

Think about shutters for window types

1. Cost effective shutters for big windows

Café style shutters are by far the most cost effective solution as you're only putting shutters part way up the height of the windows.  This creates privacy at the lower level whilst permitting full daylight to enter through the top of the window.  It also gives a continental feel that works well in kitchens and living areas.


2. Streamline your windows

Irregularly shaped windows or a combination of doors and windows can be given a smart finish with shutters that run right across the wall.




3. Brilliant shutters for Bay windows

A bay window is a tricky shape to furnish with curtains or blinds but our interior window shutters will make it look both smart and streamlined.  Tier-on-tier are a great solution as there are two sets; one set to cover the bottom half and a second set to cover the top half.  This allows even greater control over light and privacy.


4.  Keep French doors uncluttered

In a small room, swapping curtains for window shutters will help the room to feel more streamlined and spacious especially if you have French doors.







5. Shutters for awkward sized windows

Our interior window shutters can be customised to suit unusual shaped openings such as arched, triangular and circular.  If you have got a window like this and are not sure how to hang a curtain or fit blinds, then having window shutters custom made to fit the space could be your only option.





6. Make small windows bigger with shutters

Small windows, perhaps in a hallway or downstairs cloakroom, are literally dwarfed by blinds and curtains.  Shutters on the other hand will make them feel larger and let in the maximum amount of light.






7. Window shutters for a sloping ceiling

Sloping skylight windows in a loft space is very tricky to furnish. Roller blinds can be specially fitted, but in a large space, it's worth investing in something much more ambitious.






8. Think how you will use window shutters

Do think about how often you will actually fold back the panels as opposed to tilting and adjusting the window shutter slats.  Less is definitely more in this situation and fewer shutter panels will keep the window looking open, unobstructed and give you a clear view out between the horizontal shutter slats.





9. Allow space for opening the shutters

Don't forget, if you want your window shutters to be pulled open rather than just tilting the louvres, you'll need to allow for that space within the room.  This may mean that furniture cannot be placed up against them.


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