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Window shutters to enhance any room

The Shutter Gallery

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Interior window shutters

The Shutter Gallery

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Shutters to suit any modern decor

Louvred Interior Window Shutters

Plantation shutters were originally designed as an external window covering in hot climates. Shutters are now becoming highly sought after by architects, interior designers and property owners alike.

Shutters offer you control of light and ventilation, provide privacy and improve energy efficiency levels in your rooms.  They offer a versatility that is simply not possible with curtains or blinds.

They'll retain heat throughout winter and keep your rooms cool during summer.

Our shutters can be designed in many different styles and come in a large range of louvre sizes and colours.  Shutters also come in different materials and price options.

All our shutters are engineered to counteract the timber's natural tendency to twist with the grain which ensures they will not warp or distort.  Mortise and tenon joints further reinforce their longevity.

They're not as simple to design and measure as curtains or blinds.  Unless you really are an expert at measuring and fitting, our best advice is to let us do the whole installation for you.

If you'd like to get a rough idea of costing, please go to our quick quote service.  Alternatively, you can call us with your window dimensions and we can quote you over the phone.  If you wish, we can arrange for a free, no obligation survey to be carried out at your home.

Interior Window Shutter Range

All shutters come with a three year warranty from date of fitting.


Seattle shutters have a contemporary look but come with a budget price.  If you are just looking for top quality shutters at the lowest price, then this is the range to pick.  They are available in nine shades of white, off-white and grey colours and are made from an engineered timber with a high-tech polymer coating.  They are maintenance free, very strong and have a wipe clean surface.  They are ideal for people looking to enhance the look of their home and it's actually quite hard to tell them apart from more expensive models.


The Georgia shutter is an engineered multi material shutter which is technically at the pinnacle of shutter design. The stile and rails are made with a strong laminated timber core, wrapped in MDF and coated in an etched plastic.  The louvres are made using extruded ABS which is the same material used to make electric kettles and Lego bricks.  It is very strong yet rigid and lightweight.  The design creates a much stiffer panel allowing for extra widths not possible with MDF or timber shutters. Available in a choice of 23 colours.


Boston shutters are crafted from solid hardwood and are lighter in weight than the Seattle range.  They are available in 23 shades of white and grey shades.  All shutter stiles have mortice & tenon joints to prevent warping which ensure prolonged quality and durability.  Boston is a very competitively priced hardwood shutter, offers particularly good value and is ideal for those people looking for a really good natural wood product that is very durable and looks alot more expensive than it is.


Montana shutters are made of African Maple (Obeche), which has a smooth and consistent grain.  These premium shutters have an engineered core to prevent any possibility of warping and this makes them very robust and ideal where extra durability is required around the home or for commercial premises.  They are available in a choice of 23 colours, 22 stains or in a custom colour of your choice.


Hollywood shutters have been specially designed for harsh environments such as wet rooms, showers and conservatories.  In other words, anywhere where condensation could be an issue.  The components of these shutters give them a superior strength over other shutters and can withstand conditions that no other shutter can match.  They are available in a choice of 23 whites, off-whites, creams and greys.  All coatings are fade-resistant.