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Window shutters to enhance any room

The Shutter Gallery

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Interior window shutters

The Shutter Gallery

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Shutters to suit any modern decor

Window Shutter Shapes & Styles

One of the most important aspects of your shutter installation is choosing the correct layout or configuration. There are many different styles available which are suitable for all shapes and styles of window.

Our plantation shutters fall into three styles.

  • Full height shutters with or without a dividing mid rail.
  • Tier-on-tier shutters.
  • Café style shutters.

Full height plantation shutters

These are by far the most popular design of shutters.  They can be fitted with a mid rail to give increased strength and reduce warping.  Mid rails can also be aligned with the middle glazing bar of your windows to give a uniform appearance and hide away unsightly handles.  They also allow the slats above the mid rail to open independently from the slats below the mid rail and hence offer the same benefits as tier on tier.


Tier-on-Tier shutters

These offer the most flexibility as the top set of panels can be opened back independently from the bottom set of panels.  The bottom panel louvres can then be tilted to give you the level of privacy desired.  This style works well for ground floor rooms with large windows and allows for greater light control whatever the time of day.


Café style shutters

These are simply half the height of tier-on-tier shutters with the top of the panel generally aligning with the top of the central window frame. They give increased privacy particularly when fitted to street level windows. They can be installed as a standalone window feature allowing plenty of light into a room or the can be used in conjunction with dress curtains.


Shutters for special window shapes

Our plantation shutters can be made to fit the most awkward shaped windows. In fact a plantation shutter is often the only window dressing option available when it comes to an irregularly shaped window. The most common special shaped shutters our customers request are arched shutters for both windows and doors.


Window shutter top tracking

This design is for particularly wide windows and ensures the shutters are well balanced and firmly fixed. This technique secures your window shutters to the ceiling or upper frame and means the shutters can easily be tucked away when not in use to leave uninterrupted views through windows or patio doors.

There are two forms - Bi-fold and bypass.

  • Bi-fold are hinged at the end and fold back concertina style.
  • Bypass are on two parallel tracks and the shutters move past each other.

Remote control window shutters

With all our wooden interior window shutters, we can now offer the option of opening the louvres by remote control. We utilise virtually silent, solar powered low voltage motors pocketed in each vertical shutter stile. This allows you to effortlessly control the louvres on your shutters automatically, without leaving the comfort of your armchair.