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Window shutters to enhance any room

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Interior window shutters

The Shutter Gallery

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Shutters to suit any modern decor

Solid Interior Window Shutters

From the eighteenth century and up to the Victorian period, sash windows were invariably fitted with interior solid window shutters, panelled to match adjacent mouldings and installed in recessed shutter boxes.  These were either at right angles to the window opening or splayed to maximise the amount of light entering the room when the shutters were open.

Many have survived but where they have been removed, our solid window shutters are popular with customers looking to recreate an authentic look.  They are fitted in the same way as louvred shutters but are not generally suitable as direct replacements for original solid shutters utilising recessed shutter boxes and should always be fitted as a complete set.  This is because old and new styles are slightly different and it is almost impossible to match the colour using modern factory processes.

The installation of solid window shutters completes the look of the box sash window and makes an attractive interior feature, whilst also offering near blackout, privacy and security. Solid shutters are also popular in homes which are in close vicinity to roads as they do help reduce traffic noise.

Solid window shutters are ideal for those wanting to create a more traditional look and are designed to be folded back during the day and closed at night.  They are also perfect for use as superior room dividers, partitions and for French Doors or sliding doors.

Montana Solid Shutters

Solid Window ShuttersSolid Window Shutters

This style of shutter is made from African Maple (Obeche), which has a smooth and consistent grain and is available in a choice of 23 paint and 22 stain colours.  It is light, durable, moisture resistant and extremely versatile.


Raised centre panel

Shutter panels feature a solid insert that has a 12mm thick raised section in the centre.  They offer more detail and are therefore slightly better suited to more traditional properties.  A tier-on-tier option is also available and comes with rebated top and bottom rails for even less light filtration.

Solid Panel Window Shutter Designs

Solid shutters are also offered with the choice of divider rail position.   The divider rail breaks up the moulded style giving extra detail to the panel.

Full Height or Solid Lower Half with Louvred Top Half

Solid window shutters can also be manufactured with half louvred, half solid panels.  This is popular choice for sliding partitions and French windows with solid bases.